14 thoughts on ““Merman. …Merman!”

  1. Truly the stuff nightmares are made of, Jayme. Looks like a vampire frog.

    • Hi there, NP
      Hehehe, I think cute, you think nighmare.
      You should have seen the version before this one. Was more like a turtle/snake/bug. I took off a few legs and the shell though.
      -thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Looks like son of creature from the black lagoon, cool stuff.

  3. He looks so sweet, and a little sad. It’s rare for me to want to cuddle something so slimy, but I do!

  4. We wantz to hugzzz him! Soooo cute!!! I want him!

  5. awww he looks so cuuuuute!

    He looks like he is looking for someone to play with him! awwwwwww ~ XD



  6. I don’t find him scary. If anything the little guy looks like he’s reaching out for a friend. Does the mersnake, fella have a name?

  7. Not scary at all — cute! :)

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