Odosketches: a Video


Some of my sketches from Odosketch:

I tried out a different recorder this time, it’s called BSR Screen Recorder.

They have a free version, or one you can purchase. Some of the features include:

  • Movie Studio and Movie Lab | Zoom-in and zoom-out during recording | Preset Regions | Draw to screen during recording | Record date & time displays on your video | Record subtitles, annotations | Record customized watermark

You can read more about  BSR and download a copy for yourself here  —BSR Screen recorder.

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Sumatran Tiger

ART, Digital Art, Video

Tigers, leopards or regular kitty cats

I love all kinds of cats. I was very sad to hear that Sumatran tigers, like many other animals, are currently considered “critically” endangered. Sumatran tigers are found on the Indonesian island of  Sumatra. According to a tiger census report, their population has been cut in half over the last 25 years. The site Tigers in Crisis has information on many kinds of tigers.  In a post about the Sumatran tiger they say:

“It is estimated that only between 500-600 Sumatran tigers remain in the wild, and the actual number may be as low as 400. And their population is dwindling rapidly.”

” around 100 live in an unprotected area, that will most likely be lost to agriculture in the near future.”

Due to agricultural growth, the forest habitats of these animals has been reduced leaving the majority of the remaining tigers to live in National Parks and Game Reserves. Illegal poaching further threatens those few still living in the unprotected areas.

Here is my latest painting, a Sumatran Tiger. You can see the speed paint video below.

sumatran tiger digital art